Why It’s Critical To Manage Your Online Presence

Why It’s Critical To Manage Your Online Presence

As a recent Google lawsuit describes, it’s absolutely critical in today’s online world to have accurate and active control over all of your businesses online information. A well established (40 years of operation) restaurant in Virginia recently was forced to close it’s doors, and their owner feels Google is at the core of the blame.

Rene Bertagna has been the owner/operator for the Serbian Crown, an off the beaten path eatery, that relied heavily on Google Local Reviews and information, while not actively managing and owning those business pages. Recently, changes to their Google Local page indicated that they were completely closed on the weekends, and this information didn’t come to light until a customer contacted them, to ask why their hours had changed so drastically.

Unfortunately, without being involved and actively operating a critical component of their online presence, this issue, and the lack of diners, resulted in the business finally closing it’s doors. Rene, and his lawyer, are now engaging Google in court, protesting the ability for anyone to suggest changes & edits to pages. Their assumption is that other local restaurants actively sabotaged their listing, in order to gain a leg up on the competition.

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