Tech On Tap – Orlando – 1 Year Anniversary

Tech On Tap – Orlando – 1 Year Anniversary


DEC Networks was on hand last Thursday evening to Celebrate Tech On Tap’s 1st Year Anniversary at Envy Labs Orlando, FL.

The event was well catered and crafted with a tasty keg of Milk Stout and 6 packs of I-4 IPA at each table to congregate to.  The conversations had to get flowing as we needed to interact to track down someone with the lone bottle opener.  Piping hot pizza was shared before the the presentations to keep us square. The organizers did a great job of putting all the necessary tools in place for people in the same job field to break the ice and become colleagues.

Once the social aspect had come to a relaxed pace Tech on Tap Organizers Joe Price, Jacqueline LeTendre, Luke Crosby, Marie Harmon kicked off the night’s presentations with thank yous for everyone from promoters, speakers, presenters, to guests. Right Brain Media was up on deck first, represented by Deke Hooper. They are working with major sporting events at this time to allow the viewer to control what aspect of the event they want to watch with multi-camera web streams available to stick to or switch to as your own TV producer. My personal interest level was very high on this as there are too many camera angle changes or zoom-ins for my personal liking during a game. The interactive component lets you watch what is most important to you, that’s awesome. They also provide Interactive 360 Google Business View to provide a tour of your office/business space to promote your visibility to clients and customers.

The final presenter was Phyken Media, represented by Kunal Patel. Their focus is on games and tech support. This company came to be as a desire to do what you’re passionate about in life….of course after you maintain a stream of revenue to support it. Patel was great, my favorite quote: “Do crazy things for attention”. He helped get Indie Galactic Space Jam up and going, “1. an event in which individuals come together in a physical environment and attempt, in a limited amount of time, to rapidly prototype a game (video or otherwise) focused on some element of space; a “space-y” game jam: She was on the team that made that awesome game I love at the Indie Galactic Space Jam!” That event helped regain a buzz about NASA and The Space Program to boost Central FL’s Space Presence utilizing all the talented and smart people we have here. The White House Office of Science and Tech Policy sent a Twitter shout out to cheer on the event.

The main take away is that cool things are building here in Central Florida and more jobs are soon to follow in this field for the region.