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Pew! Pew! Watch International Hackers In Real Time.

Pew! Pew! Watch International Hackers In Real Time.

White hat security group, Norse, have distributed “open” machines around the world (and by open, we mean no firewall, no security of any type, just a raw internet connection), and are tracking the number and source of hack attempts in real time, with this awesome graph. From the numbers, it appears that the majority of […]

Security – The Most Important Technology Focus For Businesses

In the ever changing technology landscape, businesses are constantly being forced in different directions, and it’s easy for core concepts to be overlooked. A recent discussion from Entrepreneur magazine highlights exactly this issue, as guest speaker Veronica Belmont attests. Weekly, it seems, large companies are coming forward with security issues and failures, often times affecting […]

Canadian ATM’s Default Passwords Allow Admin Access

Recently, two teenagers from Winnipeg attempted to access an ATM inside a local grocery store. After performing research online, they found a few of the weak default passwords, intended to be changed before the units were put into service. In less that one mintue of Googling, administrative guides showing “123456” are easily discovered. Instead of […]