Microsoft Increases Free OneDrive Cloud Storage To 15GB

Microsoft Increases Free OneDrive Cloud Storage To 15GB

Microsoft’s answer to Cloud Storage has been in existence for a number of years, originally debuting under the name Windows Live SkyDrive, before the name change to fit in with their other online services. Up until recently, the free account only included 7GB of storage space online. By simply installing the app on Mac or Windows platforms, and setting up a Live ID, files could not only be synced to the cloud, but also across other devices running the application. This even extended to iOS, Android, and obviously Windows Phone systems.

With the jump to 15GB free, Microsoft has matched Google Drives offer, and both are far ahead of Apple’s iCloud (5GB free) and Dropbox (2GB).

Additionally, their paid subscription pricing has plummeted, for only $1.99/month you can have access to 100GB, and $3.99 for 200GB. Office 365 users will be automatically enrolled in 1TB storage starting soon.

We’ve been using Microsoft’s cloud storage solutions since its infancy, and we’ve been Microsoft Cloud Partners since they initiated the program three years ago. We use it often in conjunction with encryption tools, to synchronize data across our desktop/laptop/tablet systems, and it makes document sharing within teams a snap. Contact us today for more information on the free and paid versions of this powerful software package!