We Have The Best Vendors & Partners!

We Have The Best Vendors & Partners!



Here at DEC Networks, we strive, on a daily basis, to exceed customer expectations, and make very complex and potentially costly IT problems easy to comprehend and resolve. We work with numerous vendors each and every day, from our Backup or Hosted Exchange solutions, to Rackspace, Microsoft, & technology vendors like Insight. We were recently faced with a tech emergency, where one of our California clients doubled their workforce almost overnight. We were caught scrambling to meet their higher data circuit, routing, and security needs, and when vendor after vendor failed to keep promises or live up to our expectations, Insight Enterprises, and our Account Executive, Dawn Robinson, came through.

She, and her internal sales engineering team, brought a solution to the table from one of our favorite networking solutions providers, with the recommendation of a Juniper SRX unit. After reviewing our implementation plan, we placed the order, and also requested Juniper’s highest level of JTAC (Juniper Technical Assistance Center) support. Due to Junipers recent update of product SKUs, our requested 3-Year Platinum support package was coming up in their system incorrectly when we needed it, and not granting us all of the required support services.

With one email to Dawn, she followed up with all parties involved, and we didn’t have to think twice about where we place our, and our clients, trust. From having suffered through other similar vendors excuses and delays, this was irrefutable proof that we were a valued client, and that our priorities were shared by her and the Insight team. We took the time to compose a “thank you” Tweet to @Insight, which reached the desk of their CEO, and has resulted in many “you’re a ROCKSTAR” compliments from her colleagues, and this awesome set of geeky swag for our DEC Networks Team!

If you, or your company, are in the same old scenario of missed deadlines and failed executions, contact us for the world of difference we bring to your IT Needs, big or small, and the solutions we have to offer.