iCloud Devices Being “Held-Hostage” For Ransom

iCloud Devices Being “Held-Hostage” For Ransom


In a brand new series of exploits, International iCloud users are reporting their devices as being remotely locked, with instructions to provide payment in order to continue using their iPhones & iPads. This is the first such use of remote ransom attacks, which specifically target security vulnerabilities in the “Find My iPhone” feature, which most all users keep activated at all times.

As of now, the hackers are possibly utilizing last weeks set of leaked passwords from the eBay breach, allowing them to guess this password & e-mail set against the Find My iPhone online portal. This extortion effort has mostly been contained to Australia as of now, however, it’s effectiveness is widespread, with over 23 pages dedicated to it on the Apple Support Forums. This will very soon begin occurring within the USA.

As always, a strong password, and especially a different password for each online service will help to protect your data, as security breaches such as eBay’s will continue to occur on a regular basis. Read more here.

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