DEC Networks in Attendance: October Orlando Tech Week Meetup

DEC Networks in Attendance: October Orlando Tech Week Meetup

DEC Networks was on hand for October’s Orlando Tech Meetup at the Lake Eola Amphitheater during the inaugural Orlando Tech Week.

The Event was in two parts, first a Low Boil Country Dinner (consisting of Pork, Shrimp, Sausage, Corn, and Potatoes) at long conjoined tables like German Oktoberfest seating and presentations thereafter in the bandshell with Orlando Harley Davidson Motorcycles on either end of the stage as props. Now, I didn’t get a chance to partake in the food, having arrived after work but everyone seemed well fed and in joyous spirits. The crowd was still “so” into kicking it with one another after the meal that the presentations were held off for a few minutes for everyone to get settled into their seats.

Orlando Tech Executive Director Orrett Davis got the evening kicked off with a jubilant intro into the help the City of Orlando has provided for Tech Start-Ups. The first week of October is going to be marked as a time of celebration to all that is going on here for this industry. “Orlando Tech week is a community-driven week of meetups, demos, speakers, parties, and more to showcase Orlando’s burgeoning start-up, and tech scene.”

Kickstarters, Sponsors, and Demoing Companies:

Trobo  – “The Story Telling Robots, a toy that shares the love of learning, reads stories about science and technology from Google, Learners first, Teachers second. More interactive & engaging.” The re-incarnation of a better more evolved Teddy-Ruxpin. Sorry, no tape deck included. These cool toys for kids are aimed at providing answers for all those “what?, why?, how come?” whippersnappers and to hopefully capture and nurture a healthy thirst for knowledge for any child.

Indienomicon –  “is a community banded together and on a mission to bring awareness to the excitement, culture, and incredible talent of the indie developers of Central Florida.” Independent developers putting together more than just sports or fighting titles. These games are exploring outer realms of the norm for more fun and wacky choices that are expanding the diversity in games for any level of gamer or age level.

ShiftAgent – “Shift Agent is a web-based application that empowers companies to make the best schedule possible both for their operations, and their employees. Shift Agent desires to support the long-term success of companies by helping them to save time, save money, and reinforce their culture, one decision at a time.” I see this making a big splash for any restaurant/pub type business. For mangers there are many different ways to make a schedule, then as an employee there are few ways to get out of it. The app affords management and employees a superb medium to organize their schedule faster with emphasis on strengths and availability of the staff members while allowing for their requests to directly be heard by management.

Thank you to GotChosen – for taking providing the liquid refreshment. With the latest round of hacks and information you’re not trying to see being trended in your face, it’s nice to see a company trying to preserve your individual likes to be seen and dislikes to be hidden away. With the use of this software the choice is 100% yours on what you will see and be invited to. This is also beneficial to the business owner as people with interest in their product are given a direct avenue to what they want.

Shoflo – “A real time cue sheet platform for the live event production industry. Shoflo saves sports, broadcast and event production companies time and money by replacing paper based cue sheets with a collaborative, sustainable, real time cue management platform.” For having done some work as a roadie for a few Rock Shows to score quick cash and free tickets back home at the State Theater in Portland, ME the behind the scenes set-up of a concert is a major task. Timing is crucial, and people in-charge are all spread about the venue, sharing info quickly is vital to make sure everything runs smooth as changes and edits are happening in real-time for a solid production to take place.

Prismatic – “One feed for all your interests.” Prismatic offers one platform to pool your direct interests from many media sources, filtering out all the unessential info you are not seeking. They are also providing bridges for employees in different departments to work together and share info on one station to ease the burden of shooting dozens of emails and re-saving updates for each individual user. It’s time saving and allows quick collaboration among team members with different degrees of involvement and oversight.

PowerDMS – “Redefine the Document Management Grind. Our solution puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the power to freely manage crucial documents, train and test employees, maintain regulatory and accreditation standards—shrinking risk and stretching productivity, efficiency, time and money.” A great way for management or HR to easily keep track of employees compliance protocol program completion for standards or certifications. If an employee needs to be tested or re-tested on knowledge about the company, job, or method you have one place to source everything needed.

Shout out to Gefn and their Apple GIF App, definitely a good party memory maker.

I have been having a great time at these Meetup/Conferences since my first one in June. My knowledge base of what’s out there has vastly expanded, and what people are trying to innovate makes me want to start my own Kickstarter. Glad to be a part of what’s moving and shaking here in Orlando.

Be sure to check out the November Orlando Tech Meetup, location TBD

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